The Release of Slymes

November 26, 2016

So, Slymes has been officially released! If you didn’t already know this, you can check it out on our Steam store page. It’s been a long journey over the past 8 years. We started with a small little idea that we thought would be cool, and we developed it into something beyond our wildest dreams. Now that it’s out there, it’s time for some to lay out my thoughts on this entire journey as well as what lies ahead.

For starters, Slymes was so much fun to develop. Seby, Cody, and I all worked our hearts out on the project, and we feel like it shows. The artwork, the environments, the gameplay all melding into the forms we envisioned. I also love the tightly-knit community we’ve built around Slymes over the past few months. So thanks to everyone who joined us so far in the development process and to everyone who will continue to join Slyme World (and a million more thanks goes out to Soloist420 and PrismaticHub, whose Twitch streams acted as a bridge for so many gamers to discover us).

However, we know that there are a lot more things for us to improve on (nobody’s perfect!). For as much as there already is in the game, there was so much more that we wanted to add but unfortunately had to be postponed until after launch. Things like more maps, more cosmetics, more gamemodes, more features. It can get difficult to gauge how much time tasks can take and how to properly manage deadlines. We planned on so much for release without understanding the workload required for our small little team. But all things considered, I think our team at WolfTech Games did a pretty good job. Not to mention that from here on out the development process will be going along at a much smoother pace. It shouldn’t be too long until our first major patch ;).

In terms of what we want for the future, we will continue to support Slymes with future content and balance patches. Christmas is coming soon and so Cody and I will be hard at work to create a nice little holidays atmosphere for the season. Afterwards, we will continue to create additional maps and general hats, skins, and trails for all of you to enjoy! Until then, we will be publishing little balance patches and hotfixes (one of which has already been deployed since launch). We feel as if it can be difficult for the little guys to play catch up to the giants, and a major contributor to this is the sprinting mechanics. Currently, a larger slyme will gradually move slower as it grows bigger, allowing for the little guys to make their escape. However, when sprinting the giants can catch the smaller slymes, even if both parties are sprinting. We did this so that it would be possible to continue one’s growth without every major source of food fleeing away, and tried to balance it by also increasing the rate of mass loss during sprinting for the giants. While that mass loss has been successful in ensuring the larger guys don’t grow too big, it still meant that the little guys couldn’t really do much when the giants had their targets set on them. There are two things we plan on implementing in one form or another: reworking the sprint speed, as well as mass decay. We want to adjust the movement speeds such that all sprinting does is add a constant value to the mass-determined speed. This way, a sprinting slyme will always move faster than a non-sprinter, but two sprinting slymes will still move the same speed relative to each other. Since Slymes is in a three-dimensional world, giants can still sneak up on the little guys and gain mass, but alert players will be able to escape. As well, a mass decay will ensure that giants have to stay proactive should they want to continue to grow, meaning they will be more inclined to take risks in pursuing other players. However, this decay is just an idea our team has been toying with, and it is still uncertain whether it will reach the final build of the game.

So, that’s all we really have to say about Slymes at the moment! It has been a long and tiring journey, but we’re proud of we accomplished, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Stew Esho

Artist, Designer, Webmaster, Animator. Stew does it all.