March 6, 2016

This whole week we have been working on the slime game on and off, during this time more features were developed which will be listed below. So we usually use a networking asset called TNet which just had a huge update which added useful features that made multiplayer easier to make, but for this project we used Bolt because TNet 3 was under development at the moment so now we are considering switching the networking platform for the slime game to TNet from Bolt as it would offer us a great advantage such as modding support over the network and easy advanced matchmaking. For all the features head over here and help us decide by voting by going to our strawpoll.

Now lets get to what was added to the game:

Customization Menu (WIP)

Hat Customization (Models WIP)

Trail Customization (Trail Art WIP)

Slime Model Customization


  • Add more customization variety
  • Create a good map
  • Make skins have rarity and you need to unlock them either by achievements or crates
  • Make more gamemodes (Team Deathmatch, CTF, King Of The Hill)

That’s it for the post for this week, stay tuned for the post next week. We will post either saturday or sunday so make sure to check at the end of both days. Thank you for reading this post and we hope you enjoy the current progress on the game and there is more to come in the upcoming weeks.

Seby Maj

Seby is the code maestro. He is the rock of the studio.