Slymes Inventory and More!

May 12, 2016

Hello everyone, we are back with another blog post! For the last 2 weeks we have added quite a bit of new features and I am glad to say we are getting closer to Closed Alpha!. Feel free to signup below and just fill out the form with the required fields and once the time comes we will send out invitations to those who have been accepted into the closed testing period. Alright now lets get to the new features that have been added implemented into Slymes. Firstly, we had added some more important functionality to the game modes, which is an end round objective which will actually add an end to the match as before this it went on forever. We had also added an in game menu which will most likely be redesigned later on in the development process.

Picture of the In-Game Menu:

Here is a picture of the Victory Objective In TDM (Team Death Match) it’s a team point objective goal:

Here is a picture of the Victory Objective in FFA (Free For All) it’s a timer:

Secondly, our 3D Modeller, Cody has created a new Slime model for the game so it only has one texture at the moment and I was the one who textured it, this means it looks really bad and definetely does not represent the final product, I am only a programmer and in no way an artist haha. Here is a picture of the New Slime:

Lastly, we have added an inventory into the game which stores all data in a cloud database. The inventory shows all the items you currently have and you can obtain more items by playing with others and receiving chests then opening them, they do not need keys to open you can open any chest you obtain freely. There will be some paid features in the future as we need to be able to feed ourselves some how but no need to worry it won’t be anything related to Pay To Win, we do not support that game model, if anything it will be related to cosmetics as now the game supports rarity as you will see in the screenshot below. We are still to early to begin deciding what you will be able to purchase but you will hear more about it in the future. If you have any reccomendations, feel free to post a comment below!

Here is a gif of how the new Inventory Works and the Chests too:

That is it for todays Blog Post, hope you guys like the features we have added so far. Please feel free to post any ideas you may have in the comments. We can not 100% guarantee that your idea will be developed into the game but it will be looked at and analysed to see if it fits into the game style.

We now have a Roadmap which you can follow and comment on: Slymes Roadmap

Closed Alpha Signups! Link is here: Signup Page

Hope to see you all in game during the testing phase! Also feel free to join our discord channel by clicking here

Thank you for checking out my new blog post, hope you come back next time for another great blog post. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for updates and also subscribe to our newsletter. Talk to you next time!


Seby Maj

Seby is the code maestro. He is the rock of the studio.