Slimes Taste Better Using TNet

March 20, 2016

Hello everyone, this week we have gotten player eating and rocks in the game. I was wanting to add everything I mentioned in the previous post but I had a hard time getting the player eating down but in the end it seems like I completely overlooked the whole situation and it was easier then I though it would be. I kept trying to do network calls to process the eating of the player and respawning but then figured that I could have done it locally and just check if the object is yours so that it only gets called once on every object on collision. Here is a sample of the player eating:

Current Progress:

  • Eating Players (Done)
  • Rocks (Done)
  • Shooting Blobs (In Progress)
  • Pushing Rocks (In Progress)
  • Customization (In Progress)

Here are some screenshots of the rocks in game:

Planned Additions for Next weeks post:

  • Shooting Blobs
  • Pushing rocks

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Seby Maj

Seby is the code maestro. He is the rock of the studio.